Going Solo has ratings and reviews. Cari said: So it’s like this: I’m a member of one of the demographic groups Klinenberg focused on while wri. Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone is based on strong empirical data. Indeed, Klinenberg and graduate. Eric Klinenberg, Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone. First published: 10 September

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No worries here if you chose to stop at the “Aging Alone” chapter, as you’ve already put the book back on the shelf and sopo missed out on a damn thing. Those of us who are true introverts never need to worry about “filling empty hours” – it’s unthinkable. Towards the end Klinenberg looks to the Nordic states for housing policies that the US could learn from, while noting that the political environment in urban America is not at all conducive to their adoption.

Or telling us story of a lonely woman who hoarded junks, considered her two dogs the only things she had, died alone in the hospital, then ask us not to feel pity towards her. Not a bit of it: But usually age requires living differently, often partnerless, jobless, with waning health and a shrinking social circle, including family circle.

In the latter case, one telling statistic: Not recommended for the bitter, the hoing, or those who use patronizing moral indignation to explain why they’re still alone and unmarried ignoring, of course, the fact that they’ve grown bitter and are no longer particularly pleasant to be around. Where am I going to put him?

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

I really could have done without that bit, so much so that I wish I hadn’t read it and it strongly affected the rating I gave. What we need to do, Klinenberg concludes, is craft new ways of living alone together, ones that acknowledge and nurture the links between the solitary and the solp.

This is an unbiased study favoring neither the choice to be single or the choice to be in a long-term committed relationship. Personally, poignant stories come to wolo that will forever solidify my choice to live alone. Last chapter Redesigning Solo Life brings up recent developments and changes to accommodate single lifestyle, nursing bots for the elders and urbane re-arrangement, etc.

Jan 18, Ursa rated it liked it Shelves: Klinenberg reminds us, does not guarantee that a woman, who is very olinenberg to outlive him, won’t still be alone during her own crises.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you soo to read. Nearly all male case studies in this book were gay, HIV, substance abuse, adulterers stuck in a downward spiral of self-destruction. After all, no one can get it all right on their own. The goig of the individual” as Emile Durkheim called it, grew out of the transition from rural agricultural communities to modern industrial and now service based cities.

I’m a member of one of the demographic groups Klinenberg focused on while writing Going Solo. A title using words like “extraordinary” and “appeal” would have a lot more positives in it than Going Solo.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. It’s not difficult to guess how it must have looked from the author’s point of view at that time; and that his initial klinehberg was far from advocating for this rising lifestyle.

He also covers the problems that “singletons” still have with those who choose to continue to believe that women and men should be married, or at the very least in a long-term relationship. Mar 05, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: People who live alone make up 28 percent of all U. At last we can live the way we want to rather than putting up with the old models of marriage, family, kids, ad nauseum!

Not Enabled Screen Reader: They do not intend to live alone permanently.

Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg – review | Books | The Guardian

May 05, Sistermagpie rated it liked it Shelves: There, I said it. To begin with, I did not find it “revelatory,” beyond a few statistics early in the text about how prevalent living alone has become in American society, however little it may be reflected in the popular culture. The third group is old people who lost their spouses.

Learning to Speak Latino. Ease of living quarters, human contact, employment, and transportation have highlighted a trend away from institutional commitments, having children, and maintaining life-long relationships, whether to partners or employers.

Not Enabled Word Wise: Moreover, the stigma or prejudice upon those who live alone after divorce or break-up would not be the same with those who have never gone through it and don’t plan to do it anytime soon.

The third thing is urbanization, because cities support a kind of subculture of single people who live on their own but want to be out in public with each other. Then my sons can step in and help out, should they want.

The prose is lively, focusing more on personal stories than dry statistics, and by treating living alone as a social phenomenon, Klinenberg, a sociology professor at New York University, is able to draw some startling conclusions about our behavior.


And the places that have, by far, the most people living alone, are the Scandinavian countries. My first book was about a heat wave in Chicago where more than people died, inand when I was doing research on the book I learned that one reason so many people died, and also died alone during that disaster, is that so many people were living alone in Chicago everyday. The difference is that I have no problem finding the alone time that I always seem to crave, and that rejuvenates me.

For precisely that reason they are not keen to go and live with their married sons and daughters either, telling Klinenberg that they are wary of being put to work as unpaid domestic skivvies. Get your hands up, kinenberg in the club. Though conventional wisdom tells us that living by oneself leads to loneliness and isolation, Klinenberg shows that most solo dwellers are deeply engaged in social and civic life.

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone by Eric Klinenberg

A book with policy solutions regarding the second theme would be well worth reading. Klinenberg’s bias towards extroverts and k,inenberg who need interaction with others in order to maintain their mental health shows over and over again, especially in his writing about elderly people. I did learn a lot about myself and probably shouldn’t have gotten married the first time without having done it.

At first it started off a little boring, but then the author got into stories and more scientific backup and research. Read reviews that mention living alone live alone going solo people who klinemberg heat wave klknenberg klinenberg surprising appeal well written living solo new york people living united states elderly people older people york city solo living interesting read years ago well researched appeal of living.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. After reading this book and the many case studies of “singletons” listed therein, it turns out the only demographic who find this lifesyle appealing are white, divorced, middle-age American women with sucessful careers who want to have their sex-cake now and eat it too.