Thanks to the similarity of IntraWeb components to standard Delphi VCL components, the The core feature of the program is its ability to show a second page. I know than many of you here use Intraweb with NexusDb. My question is not related to NexusDb. What i need is to know how to show to the. Again I found the solution shortly after asking the question here.

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Use this event to make any special processing, user interface updates, etc.


TStringList; Use this property to add any external content file to your application. Up to now, you have built stand-alone IntraWeb applications. This handy component makes available in a dynamic inttraweb the content of a standard Delphi menu, by referring its AttachedMenu property to a TMenu component:. The Itraweb application has both session-specific and global counters, as you can see by running two sessions in two different browsers or even in the same browser.

The Units of the RTL. Hope it helps Regards Dewald. Secrets of the Component Palette. Checking for a Previous Instance of an Application.

This handy component makes available in a dynamic menu the content of a standard Delphi menu, by referring its AttachedMenu property to a TMenu component: In an application’s code, the session object can be referenced by accessing the Data field of the RWebApplication global variable, used to access the current user’s session.


Salary deductions can be also viewed within the intraweb.

Building IntraWeb Applications

inrraweb Additional and External Delphi Tools. Managing Files with SysUtils. Programming with the DOM. The application enables the personal data name, surname, DOB, etc. When you call the Release method: This question is not answered. Writing an Automation Server. Wage data The wage data of an employee can be viewed through the intraweb. The CgiIntra program features another interesting technology available in IntraWeb: NET with the Delphi Language.

Building Your First Component. Delphi, the Internet, and a.


This powerful component allows you to place within an HTML grid both text and other components. Delphi 7 and Its IDE.

Move this Files folder to a subfolder named wwwroot one level below your IW application. Best regards, Inttaweb I think you are upgrading from a previous version, correct? Elements of Database Design. Lists and Container Classes. Creating a Dialog Box. ListView and TreeView Controls. But what if you want to embed a data-entry form within a complex HTML page? The extra feature provided by IntraWeb and exploited by the program is that a user can intrzweb on the image with the mouse to modify the image by launching server-side code.


A Directory in a Dataset. The IWTree example features a menu, a tree view, and the dynamic creation of a memo component. The Fields of a Dataset. Create AWebApplication ; end.

Send a private message to dewaldv In the example, the grid content is determined at startup in the OnCreate event handler of the main form:. Over the Web, this means refreshing the page by triggering a refresh in the JavaScript code:. Here is the code for a couple of event handlers: Alexandre Machado Mikael Lenfors.

If you don’t have any active form, the application will be terminated; The form will be destroyed only when the next form is shown. If you’ve done any web programming, you know that session management is a complex issue.

OT: how to show a pdf with Intraweb ? – NexusDB Newsgroups

For example, this program’s menu with alTop alignment, the tree view has alClient alignment, and the dynamic memo is created with alBottom alignment. Show a web page within an IntraWeb form. The Packets and the Cache. It is possible to send messages and various notifications through the intraweb.