Conitec Galep Universal programmer with 40 pin socket. Uses parallel port interface. Available power adapter variants: EU-Version ( V/50 Hz). OpenOCD for GALEP-5 and GALEP-5D Last updated: April 30, , Windows XP/Vista, , English/German version. Galep32 for GALEP-4 and. GAL/EPROM and ┬ÁP programming device Conitec GALEP-4 – now buy online with ease from , your online shop for technology, electronics and.

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A real universal 44 – for the halep price per device in the industry! A special pin driver IC guarantees precise current control and perfect waveform integrity. You will find further accessories like Adapter for special chip packages and ICs on separate pages.

Logical high between 1. The programmer can be completely controlled by a set of powerful batch commands. The internal 64 MByte RAM serves as data storage and allows to transfer data only once for programming multiple devices. Windows 98 SE 32NT 4.

GALEP-4 Pocket Device Programmer with 40 Pin Drivers + LPT Port

The help system provides information about the wiring of the target system for all supported components. The GALEP- 4 comparators allow measurement of the voltage on any of the 40 pins within a range of 0 to 25 volts with a precision of mV. GALEP-4’s pin driver design corresponds to that usually found in far more expensive programmers. Because the pin number of the programming device is smaller than the pin number of the components, such adapters are specialized.

Free Software Updates The GALEP- 4 software includes the ability to constantly incorporate support for additional devices, via free software updates offered on our website. If you have to program components 44 a high pin number frequently, a GALEP-5D with up to pin drivers might be the more effective solution.


We develop new components on a monthly galsp, and any Galep-4 owner can implement these by downloading software updates from the internet. Found a cheaper offer? Security Prior to each function, GALEP checks the power consumption, correct positioning, and the contacts of all pins of the selected component. This way all components can be both written and read at optimal speed.

Mass production is supported by providing statistics functions and serial number generation. The Galep-4 software features a comprehensive set of basic functions such as read, program, compare and delete, along with easy-to-use custom configuration options for any special functions required by the selected component. For maximum protection of the programmable device, all voltages are permanently monitored by an independent circuit.

Socket converters available for halep component packages.

The editor allows a multitude of functions for editing component contents which can be saved and loaded in binary, intel-hex, motorola-s or jedec gaelp format. We develop new components on a monthly basis, and any GALEP- 4 owner can implement these by downloading software updates from the internet. Its high speed allows using it as a production programmer.

The Galep-4 comparators allow measurement of the voltage on any of the 40 pins within a range of 0 to 25 volts with a precision of mV. Orders can still be placed via the online shop, shipping will take place after and between the holidays. Galep owners have life-time free access to the updates.

GALEP Downloads

This feature allows the GALEP-4 to remain at the cutting edge of industry standards for years to come. This reduces the risk of accidentally harming the component or the programmer to a minimum. Conitec’s new fourth generation GALEP- 4 is a professional field programmer of pocket-sized dimension.


This can be used to precisely determine high and low levels at the component’s output pins. The patented technique holding the vacuum constantly for longer periods gzlep the components from dropping off. If aglep need a certain device that’s not yet supported, use our free Device on Demand Service. Very comfortable serial number generator with support for external serial gwlep files.

Due to its size and power supply independence, a GALEP-5 is the ideal solution for development and service.

Conitec Galep-4

Each of the 48 pins can generate the following signals:. Low-Voltage GALEP- 4 pin drivers feature true level-shifters and gaoep, guaranteeing clean signals right down to 1. This effectively prevents any accidental damage to the component or the programmer. CE and RoHS certified. Uses parallel port interface. The information in this document are subject to change without notice. This easy upgradeability effectively resists obsolescence.

We will match the same price and in addition you galfp benefit from the excellent Batronix Service! It’s connected to the PC through the parallel printer port. Security features Prior to each function, GALEP-4 checks the electric selected device’s electric consumption, as well as the correct positioning of the selected component.

Besides basic functions such as erase, read, program and compare, split and shuffle, it features easy-to-use configuration options for any special functions required by the selected device. Thanks to the balloon-shaped handle, the vacuum is easily generated and allows a very precise handling of the components.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Technical Specifications Pocket-sized, ultra-portable format: Current Information From 24th Dec.