Get the Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, 15th Anniversary Edition at Microsoft Store Download or ship for free. Author Bob Frissell gives a compelling account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are has ratings and Author Bob Frissell gives a compelling account of our planetary ascent into. The Paperback of the Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Return to Book Page. Part of Drunvalo’s mission is to remind us that we can. Found this book listed in a Tool newsletter.

Author Bob Frissell gives a compelling account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness, presenting a big-screen view of the Earth through the experience of the Ascended Masters, Thoth, Babaji, and Drunvalo Melchizedek.

I learned a few things Aug 06, Armina Frederick added it. Found this book at a new agey store in Philly when I was 19 late 80’s and I think I read the whole thing in a couple of days and then read it again, and again. Call me a freak or a kook, but then do some researching of your own – about Mars, Nikola Tesla, the pyramids’ unbelieveable architecture, prana,yogic methods – anything you doubt, and you will find those Tetris blocks falling into place.

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Nothing in this Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are

It needs to see beyond any doubt that separation is an illusion. To add, I think one may read this book to see an example of purely intuitive psycho-spiritual ba Found this book listed in a Tool newsletter.

And yet, despite the sheer unbelievability of half the book, the author’s goodwill and spiritual intentions are so infectious that the book ends up being a heartwarming experience. Then I furrowed my brow and began recalling all the things i would not recover if I gave him my memories – all my good memories, of my children, my love for my late husband, my love for my current husband, my memories of my parents and every moment of my life that held even the briefest joy.


In exchange he would give me the gift of improbable good luck – that I would be able to pick every winning lottery number i wanted, my son would be given back to me i’m headed back to court to regain custody and the book I’m writing would lead me to great fame and fortune.

It’s an interesting read for its info on sacred nothinv, but the rest is filled with fantastical speculative alternative history and frissdll crossovers. Have “they” kept this from the populace under a shroud of secrecy and Bob put together this an unadulterated history book??? Sometimes it makes me fall asleep, and sometimes it makes me itchy, since my copy has some ants in it. It’s so strange to know that a book written in the s can still hold up 30 years later.

No one’s rated or reviewed this product yet. It’s full of holes for sure, but the narrative is compelling because so many of its parts are compelling.

How could my subconscious turn something I feared into something that would sound desirable – and how would I, in a “dream”, be able to trud clearly enough to fight against and refuse such an alluring cure-all for the gook and emotional pain I carry with me every single day? Refresh and try again. I use “the reality” to refer to the outer world, including life situations, circumstances, etc.

It reads like the psychotic rant of a literate person who has read a lot of metaphysical and conspiracy books.

Open Preview See a Problem? Then again, there is the occasional statement that resonates. Thanks to a successful interplanetary experiment inthe human race is spinning out of its old skins and into an other-dimensional reality.

Since you are already on a spiritual path, my new book will give you information, tools, and insights to enhance your understanding of your true nature and your purpose here on Earth. Skip to main content. My book contains these tools and information. I’m surprised I had never heard of it before.

Just when he finds a coherent path, he leaves on a tangent that would typically leave me confused or wondering if I could just skip past it without being ignorant or missing the point of the book.

Well it’s just about all here. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Oh, and ONE other thing — I have dreams that are usually quickly forgotten, and many nightmares due to my extreme PTSD from losing all the main factors of my life within an eight year span, from 21 to 29 my husband at age 21, my father four years later, my mother three years after that, and custody of my youngest son in a brutal court case a mere two years after that. He provides an interesting breathing technique that I will practice but I find that his insistence of leaving the final steps to those who take his class as a cheap marketing gimmick.

The last part is about taking you out of fear mode and bringing yourself into alignment with your higher self and with the Creator of us all. An interesting read for the open-minded, those into lost wisdom, multiple dimensions, the merkaba, ancient atlantis and the martians settling in uninvited and other mythology that seemingly runs through cultures separated my vast oceans or the thread that ties us all together.

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Nothing in this Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are Audiobook | Bob Frissell |

All through the book my mind was screeching because of the extreme assumptions being made. I dare not give too much away, but again I say – if you wonder about all that hubbub concerning truue the “end of times” – yep, you guessed it, –READ IT.

So many questions were answered. Drunvalo has journeyed through the great abyss to polarity consciousness, which brings with it a new assessment of frisselp Great Pyramids, crop circles, cattle mutilations, the invasive antics of the Gray Aliens, ascended masters, Thoth, rebirthing, and more. This is the kind of book that will set you off into a world of obsessive research on some obscure topic for the next 6. We stopped breathing in the manner we formerly utilized, causing the prana frisssell life force energy to bypass the pineal gland, the direct result of which is separation.